Wireless Mouse Keeps Freezing

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My computer keeps spontaneously freezing up. The screen goes white or blue with coloured.

is now clean so I don’t think it relates to that. I installed a new wireless mouse and keyboard and forgot.

Broadcom Network Adapter Driver I just got a HP Pavilion dv6000 a few weeks ago with Vista Home Premium already installed on it. Im having some trouble getting my wireless connection to work. It worked once for a few hours but then. Most laptops include a built-in wireless network adapter as a standard feature. The wireless adapter enables a

When i start my computer and log in, the compter acts normally and begins to load windows/various other programs but then suddenly freezes and won’t do anything.

I added a new USB wireless adapter.

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Cursor Lagging/Freezing Issue Solved For Windows 10/8/7SmartSoft PDF: Print and Mouse Problems – Disconnect the mouse from the USB port that connects it to the computer, or for a wireless mouse.

informing you of upgrades, which may keep the programs compatible with your hardware.

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