Why Does Windows 10 Freeze

My PC keeps hard freezing/crashing when using torrenting programmes and connected via my USB wifi dongle. It will only crash when torrenting programmes are running but it does not matter which.


If your computers seems to constantly slowing down, freezing.

help you figure out what you need to do in this situation. What is high CPU usage and why it’s a problem? The Central Processing.

Some users meet the Windows 10 freezes issue after Windows 10 April Update, which may indicate that the system occupies too much virtual memory so that the high CPU usage causes the freeze issue. By increasing the virtual memory, you can extend the RAM (Random-access memory) of your computer.

In some cases, Broadcom’s own driver software for its network adapters can lead to a Windows 10 computer freezing up randomly, which is why switching to the Microsoft variant of the driver software manages to fix this problem in such cases.

Take Microsoft, which regularly updates Windows 10 with new features and updates to patch flaws and remove bugs. Those updates aren’t always perfect and sometimes, problems you may be experiencing.

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Using Windows XP, video adaptor type VIA/S3G KM400, directX 9.0, Athlon AMD computer, memory 224MB. When playing video, every 3 seconds, it freezes then skips.

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Mar 23, 2020  · Faulty RAM is often the source of Windows 10 freezing. A failing hard drive could also be the culprit, especially if you notice the freezing when trying to access files. Follow our guide on how to test your PC for failing hardware. If your hard drive is failing, back up your data immediately, then ideally replace it with a solid state drive.

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May 23, 2020  · It’s pretty obvious that any device tends to slow down and starts to freeze when the local disk containing the operating system is full. Clear out some space from the C drive and reboot it, detective, this fix the Windows 10 freezes randomly issue. Nowadays, even budget laptops come with 1 Terabyte of hard disc space.

XP freezes for 10 Minutes after Dialup (ipv6, 6to4, svchost, NAT) – and the freeze continued for the full 9-10 minutes even if I disconnected the telephone line or killed AOL in the meantime. However, I´m not a Windows programmer & had no idea what exactly "svchost".

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I have a friend who recently bought a new Dell PC (unsure of the exact spec) but it has windows 7 with 4gb Ram and as it is.

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