Playstation 4 Bluetooth Headset

Sony’s latest update to its PlayStation 4 console.

You’ll also need a broadband internet connection, a DualShock 4 controller, and a PS4 game that doesn’t require a VR headset or a specialized.

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Using the provided USB dongle, you can connect the GSP 670 to your PC or PlayStation 4. Its built-in Bluetooth capability.

Courtesy of GameInformer, some pertinent information regarding how your existing headsets will work on PlayStation 4 has surfaced today.

won’t be available to Bluetooth headset owners.

As of today we’re one month out from the launch of Sony’s Playstation 4 in North.

even your Sony-branded USB headset won’t work. If you use a Bluetooth headset (as most PS3 owners do) the.

Xbox One S vs PlayStation 4 Pro.

PlayStation VR headset too. The accessory relies heavily on the processing power and GPU of the PS4. That’s why the hardware upgrades in the PlayStation 4.

Astro Aiming to Bring Gaming Headsets to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 – In the wake of the news that current gaming headsets.

the PlayStation 4, Astro is anticipating many of the same standards found on the PlayStation 3, including USB and Bluetooth support.

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