Can’t Login To Epic Games Launcher

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Fortnite Season 10 live event down – users left with ‘black hole’ screen error – Epic Games, the game’s creator, tweeted: "We are aware that some folks are unable to login to the Epic Games.

image of a black hole – gamers can’t start matches right now, or do anything.

IDG / Hayden Dingman Anecdotally, the flood of exclusives has caused me to open the Epic Games Store more often than any other Valve competitor. Uplay is a three-times-a-year launcher.

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Epic Games This is shown not least by the decision to offer Fortnite Mobile for Android via its own store. The game has to be loaded onto your smartphone using a special launcher via sideloading.

Starting at 9 a.m. ET each day afterwards, players can log into the game.

Launcher, or hide within a holiday-lit Legendary Bush. Meanwhile, ground vehicles now slide on icy surfaces, Epic.

“Login is currently blocked across all Epic endpoints, including games, websites, and the Epic Games Launcher,” the Epic Games support team posted. “This is due to a database failure which.

Epic Games Trolls Fans By Ending “Fortnite”, Causes Twitch Errors – Credit: Epic Games As a result, the number of people trying to log into the Epic Games launcher.

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The Epic Games Launcher also had trouble keeping up with.

Logging into Fortnite currently shows a mysterious black hole. You can’t actually play yet. When Chapter 2 is ready, we’re likely.

It seems that pretty much everyone has some form of games launcher on the PC these days. Most recently, of course, we saw Epic Games evolve.

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