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Gary Starkweather, Inventor of the Laser Printer, Dies at 81 – He originally received pushback from his employer, Xerox. But his invention eventually became nearly ubiquitous in every.

Gary Starkweather, engineer and inventor of the first laser printer, died on December 26.

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Thanks to HP’s latest sale, you won’t even have to think about paying a lot for a brand new computer. Boasting amazing.

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One of the enduring myths about Xerox PARC, the legendary Palo Alto Research Center that invented the personal computer and.

My Computer Keeps Shutting Off Once you go online, your every action is exposed, either through data lost in a breach or misuse by advertisers and online. The downside of this is that you typically get a great deal on your first year and then see a significant price hike –. In the future, I can imagine joining a protest,

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