Re Install Audio Driver

After installing XP Pro on my new Dell Inspiron 531S I’ve been having trouble getting sound. I installed the Realtek HD audio driver that came with the driver disk from Dell and there was no sound (I.

There are also reports in a separate Answers forum thread of messed-up sound drivers: audio output won’t work.

Manually install the patch. Reboot. Re-install the drivers. None of those fixes.

If Windows indicates that the device has malfunctioned, try clicking on the “Driver” tab and then clicking the “Uninstall” button. Afterward, reinstall.

Has No Sound Even With Headsets.".

which has an integrated AC97 audio chip. That means all the drivers you tried should have been wrong, especially the one for the stone age IBM OS/2 operating system :cheesy: That means also that your.

How to Detect Audio Devices in XP – The Device Manager is the main utility used in Windows XP to manage settings and drivers for hardware connected.

Hatter, Daniel. "How to Detect Audio Devices in XP." Small Business –

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I’m in serious need of help getting a sound driver installed on my mother-in-law’s computer! I had to reinstall Windows XP and after I.

I have rebooted the computer a couple of times and still no.

Left-click the volume icon in the system tray and verify that the audio is not muted and is turned.

DVD or Another Optical Disc 30 seconds To reinstall Windows or access repair tools loaded.

While a few have had some success with a reinstall of drivers or other workarounds.

"We’re aware some customers may be experiencing audio differently on their devices and we are working.

The sound device, also known as the sound card, is responsible for outputting the audio signal to the audio devices that are connected to your computer. To install the Realtek sound device on your.