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It doesn’t promote related YouTube.

videos, from which Google receives ad revenue, nor does it bring up related products.

Here’s how to disable plug-ins from playing content automatically in Google Chrome.

by opening a YouTube video. You should see an image similar to the one above. Now you won’t have to worry.

As outlined on the Chromium Blog, Chrome 64 will tweak Google’s autoplay rules and restrict autoplay videos unless they play without sound.

you at least won’t have to be bothered by.

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YouTube is one of the most widely used apps in the world today. While most users find it to be a useful repository of informative videos, there are a handful of users (like me) who use it for.

Video paused. Continue watching? dialog is super annoying! Here’s how I get rid of it. Watch for dialog, If “Yes” exist just click it programmatically. — This approach won’t work when.

When Google updated Chrome to automatically block autoplay videos last week.

or Phaser—don’t play sound. In many cases, audio won’t even play even when a game requires users to.

One of YouTube’s features is the ability to play videos in full screen mode.

"When I Go Full Screen on YouTube, My Monitor Goes Black." Small Business –, http.

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What to do if Google chrome can't play YouTube videos or any other videoHow Microsoft will stop autoplay videos in Microsoft Edge – While Google futzes around with your ability to mute and block autoplaying video within the Chrome browser.

a blocked video won’t actually play. One of the best torture tests of any.